Wednesday, August 02, 2017

A Double-Productive Day

The framing crew has been very busy this week.  I call it "Sticks in the Air."  But they did the initial floor plates on Monday, giving us for the first time a visual of what the room's boundaries will be.  It sure made everything look smaller than we first thought.

Tuesday, they actually had 'sticks in the air' clearly defining the rooms.

And by today, Wednesday, they were installing ceiling joists and other parts necessary to be in place for (Hopefully) Friday's rafters, and maybe even some roofing.  But there's a very good chance of rain both days.

As of Wednesday night, here's what it looks like:

Meanwhile, we finally went through the process of getting our Louisiana driver's licenses and registering the car.  We registered the truck a few weeks back.  We even registered to vote. It took a lot of frustrating patience and WTH's but we got it done.  We're no longer illegal aliens.

We also stopped by the cabinet company and advised them that we decided to convert one of the two food pantry's into a beverage center.  'No problem.'  A bit (LOT) expensive, but we think its needed.

Also this week, I met my new ophahalmologist and like him very much.  I've already got my next appointment scheduled in four months.

And Monday, August 7th, I'll meet my new primary care doctor. 

Our house is well on its way, our licenses are in our pockets, our cars have Louisiana plates, and we're getting used to Temporary House.  I think we'll survive this adventure.

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