Sunday, August 13, 2017

Fifth Week A Slow Week, Mostly Due To Rain

The builder had a rough time keeping a good schedule this week.  It rain A Lot here, and naturally, some work just doesn't get done.  We fully understand it so we're not complaining.

But a few things did get done and best of all they started on the plumbing.  And as of this morning, this is what we saw when we arrived at New House.

At least the plumbers have something to install Monday when the new week starts.

Meanwhile, we have to drive over to New Orleans to pick out granite.  We had already picked some out but it was sold before they even started our house.  This new shipment looks close to what we had picked, but we have to see it up close and touch it before we commit to it.

Meanwhile, I've drawn up another plan for our outdoor kitchen.  I really liked the first design, but when we could see the shape of our roof, I realized I needed to think twice about how my first design would fit.  So it now appears that Plan B is going to be the choice.  Plan B should be a little easier for me to build.

We're still doing fine at Temporary House.  In fact, we even had an overnight guest.  An Egghead friend from Virginia was returning home  after dropping his daughter off at LSU in Baton Rouge.  So we offered him the 'Bed & Grub' special.  It was good seeing him again.

We also attended the Happy Retirement party for Bother-in-Law, Allen.  It was held in their new home in Terra Bella just across town.  It was a really nice party and we met some nice people.  Among the people we met were the previous residents of Temporary House.    Yes, small world.  They stayed here about 9 months while their house in Terra Bella was being built.  

Next week promises rain again, so we'll see what happens.

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