Friday, August 12, 2005

Me and my Sweetie in front of our home. Posted by Picasa

Me at my Big Green Egg BBQ Center

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Woodworking Projects

Here are a few of my woodworking projects.

I've made everything from outdoor furniture, indoor furniture, decks, ships, boats, toys, gift-wrapping centers, cabinets, desks and model trucks. I have the most fun making the trucks. I gave away thirty-five or forty to customers when I was doing some safety training and consulting work in the trucking industry. Very few modelers make wooden trucks with the detail I put into mine. Most end up being about 3' long depending on the type trailer and tractor. I have been offered as much as $1,000 each as safe driving awards but I had to temporarily suspend my woodworking due to an eye problem.

Harrisonburg High School Reunion

Harrisonburg From Space

Class of '59

Classes of the 20th Century

Borrowed Luxury

We will be going to Harrisonburg for the 2005 high school reunion on October 22nd. We have reserved a motorhome so we can travel in style and have a place to stay while we are there. Our neighbors, Pam and Tom, are going with us. The photos above are from the 2000 Class Reunion, a View From Space of Harrisonburg and the motorhome we will be arriving in.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Emmilee & Joe Come 'a Visiting

We had a nice visit from Emmilee and Joe Green last week. Emmilee and I grew up in Harrisonburg, Louisiana and have been friends forever. We had a few snacks here (including some of my famous ABT's) before heading down to Old Town Spring for a walk-a-bout and dinner at Wunche's Cafe. Here are some photos.