Sunday, January 22, 2006

Fredericksburg Bash

Fredericksburg... A night to remember.

One of the best things about owning a Big Green Egg is hanging out with others who own Big Green Eggs. It is a sight to see whenever there are two or more Eggheads and two or more Big Green Eggs. Such was the case last Tuesday, January 17th, in Fredericksburg Texas where a few friends of Mike "Lawn Ranger" Schweitzer from San Antonio got together to demo Big Green Eggs for the annual University Landscape Managers Conference.

When Mike asked if there were any Eggheads who wanted to volunteer to load their BGE's and drive to Fredericksburg to cook for 140 very hungry guys and gals, hands went up all over the Country. Eventually, a few had to back out for various reasons but we know they were there in spirit. Those who were able to come included Molly Shark, Sandbagger, One Shot One Kill, Mr. Popsicle and wife, GrillMeister, and Spring Chicken and Spring Hen, all from Texas, and SSN686 and wife all the way from Brandon, Florida. All experienced Eggers.

It also gave me an opportunity to show off my new small Big Green Egg and the transporter/cooking center I made special for the occasion.

Spring Chicken's Traveling Cooking Center

We lit our Eggs about 4:00 PM and cooked as hard as we could go until almost midnight for some obviously very hungry folks while a genuine German Ummpaaa Band played on. We also answered questions about the Big Green Egg and what makes it so special as a cooking tool. I think we created a lot of fans and possibly some future Big Green Egg owners.

Sandbagger and GrillMeister

Our assortment of food included ABT's, Beef Kabobs, Smoked Sausage on Pretzel Sticks, Chicken Teryaki on a Skewer, two or three kinds of shrimp, Wok Scallops, Pork Tenderloin, Rum Soaked Fruit Kabobs, Honey Maple Salmon and Pork Medallions.

Beef Kabobs

In addition, the night was just right for enjoying plenty of liquid refreshment. After abstaining for over two weeks a rum and coke tasted really good. So did six or seven others and I got a little "under the weather" so to speak. But I had fun.

Still Going After Six Hours

I can't wait until May when it's time for the 2006 Texas Eggfest in Austin. We've reserved a 26' camper trailer this time and will tow it from here.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Big Green Egg

My Sweetie gave me a new Big Green Egg (small) for Christmas and it just came in today. By the afternoon I had it assembled and ready for cooking dinner. Here it is sitting on next to my large Big Green Egg.

I've been wanting a small BGE so we can take it with us sometimes. The large is much too heavy for easy transport although many Eggheads do it. The small is perfect because it only weighs 65 pounds.

Here it is sitting on the Spring Chicken Small Egg Transporter/Cooking Center. Notice the legs and feet.

Here it is serving as a transporter. Notice the cork padding under the Egg and felt band around the Egghole.

It came in just in time for us to take it to Fredericksburg, Texas next Tuesday for a demo for a group of landscapers. A fellow Egghead and friend is hosting the event and wanted the group to sample some of the food cooked on Big Green Eggs. There will be other Eggheads there to feed the 140+ crowd during their meet and greet party.

Now I will have to redesign my BGE Cooking Center to accommodate both of my Eggs.