Monday, September 20, 2010

A "Texas" Sort of Day

The first signs of Fall is in the air and I woke up wanting something "Texas" for breakfast.  It just seemed the right time for it.

So I made a pan of cornbread.  But then I started being more creative than hungry.  Here's what I came up with.  I call it "Heart In The Deep Part Of Texas"

Added some Texas sausage and it was a good breakfast.

Also made a Texas Pineapple Upside Down Cake that turned out both pretty and tasty.

Had some batter left over so I made Baby Texas Pineapple Upside Down Cakes.

Still had some batter left so I made Pineapple Upside Down Aebleskivers

Yes, it was a fun day, and no, there wasn't any smoke flavor from the Big Green Egg.

Friday, September 10, 2010

My Sweetie Had A Birthday

Well, it's official now... I'm married to someone who is old enough for both Medicare and Social Security.  But that's a good thing.

Yep! She had a birthday last Thursday and, as usual, she claimed the entire week to be her "Birthday Week."

Our Forever Friend, Wanda, flew in from Jacksonville on Wednesday and stayed until Saturday.  We had a great time, frequently punctuated with food and drink.  Our neighbors Pam and Tom joined us for much of the food and drink.  We even took Wanda to see the Burcham Triplets that she's been hearing about for over a year.  I made a video just to remind us how tiring babies can be for old folks.  Here's the link:

No sooner than we dropped Wanda off at the airport on Saturday, Judy's brother Curtis and wife, Sandra, drove in from Kerrville, and sister Joyce and husband, Allen, drove in from Metairie.  We picked up where we left off with lots of fish cooked different ways on the Big Green Egg and more birthday cake.

But we celebrated four birthdays since they all come up soon.  Four kinds of cake.  Yes, we all probably gained a few pounds.

By 9:00 AM Sunday morning everyone was gone and the house was quiet.  We never even got out of our PJ's all day long.

Happy Birthday, my Love.  Thank you for sharing your life with me.