Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Floors Project

A couple of years ago we had new floors installed in all rooms except the guest bath and our office.  We're glad we waited for those two rooms because we finally saw the type tile we wanted to put down.  But we would probably still be putting off the decision had we not received a call from the tile guy who did the other rooms.  He said he was between jobs and was looking for something to do until his next job.

We thought about it for a couple of seconds and said come on...

By the next morning we had the tile, thin set, and grout waiting for him to do the guest bath.  No sooner than we started to see how the new tile looked, we told him to do the office too.  And off to Home Depot for more tile.

It took him all day to take up the old flooring (tile in the bath and wood parquet in the office) and install the new tile.  But he did each room in a single day.  We were quite pleased.

He came back the next day and laid the grout and cleaned everything.  He also replaced a couple of broken tiles on our porch and repaired some missing grout.

Here's some photos:

We really love the grain texture and light color of the tile.

Two more projects out of the way.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

8 Days into the New Year

About four weeks ago my Ophthalmologist determined that the pressure inside my right (bad one) eye was getting too high and scheduled me for a laser treatment/surgery to reduce the pressure.  It's called trabeculoplasty and only takes a minute or less.  There are some zapping sounds as the laser burns away tissue that is clogging areas of the eye where fluids drain.  It's not the tear ducts which perform an entirely different function. I was given some numbing drops before hand but I still felt a sort of 'mild mosquito bite' each time I heard the zap.  I was able to drive home and never suffered any pain or blurriness.

I returned today for a routine followup visit and pressure check.  The right eye seems to be doing what he expects at this point.  It will probably drop another point or two over the next six months.

But the left (good one) eye also has some pressure buildup and he doesn't want to take any chances that it might damage my eye.  So I'm set to go back Saturday morning to have it treated.

Good way to start the New Year - surgery within the first few days.  But I'm very lucky that I have a doctor that pays close attention to something that blinds thousands of people around the world who do not have access to either the doctors or the treatment.