Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014 in New Orleans

Once again, Judy and I drove to New Orleans for Christmas with her sister's family.  And that family is growing by leaps and bounds lately with Nephew # 2's marriage in November, and Nephew # 1's upcoming marriage in May.  Both come with lots of in-laws and maybe even some out-laws.  But, so far, all those we've met have been nice-laws.

On the way over we also stopped in Lafayette to have lunch at Gator Cove.  It is operated by a long-time Egghead friend and his wife.  They insisted that it was on the house.  So we arrived in New Orleans full of shrimp PoBoy and Seafood Gumbo.  And guess where we went for dinner... Yes, a Cajun restaurant that sold, you guessed it, PoBoy's and Gumbo.  And then we had some Sister-in-Law Gumbo the next day and Left-Over Gumbo when we arrived home.  Yes, we're pretty much Gumbo'd out at the moment.

One of the first things we wanted to do was show the videos I assembled of Nephew # 2's wedding last month.  They all seemed to have liked it.  Sorry,but the videos are too large to post on YouTube.

We had a lot of fun with people, food and presents, including some upcoming birthdays.  We returned home on Friday, the day after Christmas to avoid the heavy traffic.  Glad we did.  Lots of rain after we got home, and is still raining.

I took over 400 photos.  Quickly culled those done to about 350, and the remaining ones I edited out which ones to put in a video/slide show that would last less than 8 minutes (the maximum time humans can look at photos before losing interest).  I posted the video on two Egghead Forums and Facebook, but you can click here and see it...

Now to ride out the next couple of months and into March for the first Eggfest - The Salado Eggfest on March 14th.

Time sure flies when you're having fun.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Nephew # 2 Wedding In Baton Rouge

We attended Nephew # 2's wedding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on November 14th.  We drove over a couple of days earlier to get set up so we could take some rehearsal and rehearsal dinner photos.  It was definitely worth going over early.

Yes, Chase Ranlett finally decide to get married.  We always knew he was 'picky' about everything so it stood to reason that he would also be picky about who he married.  Well, it paid off well.  She is Cheryl Campesi.  And she is beautiful in so many ways.  We loved her the first moment we met her.

They wanted a big Catholic wedding and they got it.  Everything was first class from the proposal, to the bridal showers, to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, to the wedding ceremony itself, to the reception and even to the morning after breakfast.  And it went off without a hitch.

Lots of photos and videos, much of which I did.  So I'm working on editing the photos and videos for a movie that they can keep on a computer and watch anytime they like.

Update: I finished the videos and they turned out very nice.  We will be showing them over the Christmas holidays in New Orleans.

Okay...  I finished the videos and everyone got to see them in New Orleans over the Christmas holidays.  They liked them.