Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 Has Come And Gone

One more day 'til Thanksgiving.  And like every year, we've got two refrigerators crammed to the limit.  Same with the pantry and just about every cubbyhole in the house.  No, it's not just for us two, it's for two more: Joyce and Allen will be here tomorrow and lay over until Saturday or Sunday before heading back to Metairie.

Yes, we'll be cooking a turkey.  18 pounder and a bunch of side dishes that amplifies the turkey flavor a lot.  I guess the turkey also amplifies the side dishes too.  Anyway, it will be good for sure.

I'll return here and add some photos later.  Right now I'm obligated to make sure the rum is still good.

Here are some photos...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Jim and Julie Roberts Visit

We had company yesterday, Jim and Julie Roberts from Alexandria, VA.  They were in town visiting relatives before heading to San Antonio to visit more relatives.  Judy is a cousin of Jim's and they wanted to stop by the Chicken Ranch for a quick visit.

We had some pulled pork and slaw on Hawaiian rolls for them to snack on.  The day was absolutely beautiful so we did it picnic style.

I didn't get seated before the auto timer went off but it's still the best photo.

Jim and I enjoy our conversations about a lot of topics.  I wish we could have had more time but eventually we would have had to talk about politics and that may have charged the atmosphere.  Even so, he is a logical thinker and is able to clearly see both sides of an issue without resorting to fisticuffs or gunplay.  In Texas, that's important...

Knee Surgery Update

Knee replacement surgery is a piece a' cake for some and not for others.  I fit into the 'not for others' category. Mine still hurts like a SOB at times and is quite annoying when I try to sleep.  But it seems to be getting better very slowly each day.  At least I can do most normal activities again.

According to the surgeon, I'm coming along great.  Well, that's a relief.  I thought I was going to die of old age before I got well.

Meanwhile, the burning/tingling pain in my lower legs and feet is getting worse.  I saw the back surgeon who fixed my back two years ago and he ordered a nerve test done.  I'll know the results soon.  The doctor who performed the test traced the problem to L5/S1 in my lower back, probably from a pinched nerve.  It could be that a simple steroid shot will fix it.

I'm off the Ambien sleeping pills as of a few days ago, so sleep is not coming easy.  The pills are a prescription only narcotic and have some dangerous side effects, including of all things "burning/tingling sensation in lower legs and feet."  But they did allow me to sleep soundly, often for six or more hours straight.  They also prevented me from having dreams.  I loved that...  but the pills can blow out a kidney over time.  That's why my doctor reluctantly prescribed them in the first place and has since discontinued the prescription.  I'm okay with it.

At least I'm alive, mostly well, up and about and doing things.  Some people would give anything to be  able to do that.

Plano Outlaw Eggfest 2012

Once again we had a wonderful time at the Plano Outlaw Eggfest in Plano, Texas, this time on November 3rd.

Of course, a few of us met up at Twin Peaks on Friday for lunch and eye candy.  The girls like it too.

And Friday night we had a little Meet & Greet at the American Legion Hall.

Then Saturday morning about 40 of us fired up the Eggs and fed well over a hundred 'tasters' who stopped by throughout the day.  The food was good so everyone was satisfied that they came.  A few even won some nice door prizes, including three Big Green Eggs.

We saw some old friends and met some new ones.  One couple lives here in Spring, less than a mile from us.  Ricky and Dee Cobb.  They are Eggheads but this was the first Eggfest they attended.  They had a great time and will be attending the Salado Eggfest in March.

Of course there was an After Party at the hotel.  We cooked some more food and drank a lot of liquid while rooting for LSU to beat Alabama.  No, LSU lost in the last few seconds.

We headed home early the next morning and had pretty much everything back in place by the afternoon.

I'm working of a video of it.

Fun trip...