Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Georgia Mountain Eggfest 2014

It was a long, almost 1,000 mile trek but worth it to attend the Georgia Mountain Eggfest for the third time in as many years.  I'll have lots more to say about it and the 1,800 people who showed up to eat and check out the EGGciting Big Green Egg in action.

Overall, we were gone 11 days and were EGGhausted by the time we got home.  But we're back in form now and ready for even more adventures.  I'll bring this post up to date when I get some time.

First things first, I have to edit about 2,000 photos of all we've been doing this Spring .

Now we're talking about going to Ireland and Scotland next year.  We're really looking forward to that.

Created Some More Eggheads

We packed the Toyota and headed toward Hiawassee, Georgia for the Georgia Mountain Eggfest.  But we had a couple of things to do in Baton Rouge and Metairie, Louisiana first.

We went over to see Nephew Chase and fiancee, Sheryl.  We said we wanted to see the new floors they installed in their home.  But Judy and I had a surprise for them.  And after some excited moments we were all on our way to the Big Green Egg dealer to bring home their new Large Big Green Egg.  Yes, they are now Eggheads.

That done, we headed to see Judy's sister, Joyce in Metairie to celebrate mine and her birthdays.  Yes, same day, but ten years apart.  It was fun.  It was also Mother's Day, so Joyce doubled up on gifts.

More information and some photos will follow soon.

We headed out early Monday morning for Hiawassee, Georgia.  We stopped for the night just north of Atlanta.

Texas Eggfest 2014

The 11th Texas Eggfest was a hoot this year.  Bigger and Better that ever.  This year for the first time it was held at historic Camp Ben McCullough a few miles south of Austin.  A beautiful setting.  I took a lot of photos there and I'm still working on some of them.  I'll get back here when I've got some time.

I'm back, and this time with video proof that we had a good time.  Here's the link to YouTube:


aka Spring "Fifteen Year Egghead In Training" Chicken
Spring Texas USA

Athens Eggfest 2014

No sooner than getting things back in order around here after Roger's visit and the Salado Eggfest, we began packing again, this time for the Athens Eggfest in Athens, Texas.  And, as is easily predicted, we had a great time again.  Cooked a lot, ate a lot, and enjoyed a lot.  More information to follow as soon as I get some time to sort photos and recall stories to write about.

Salado Eggfest 2014

Once again the Salado Eggfest was great.  We had a lot of people attend and it would seem that all were pleased that they came.

Our friend Roger "IrishRog" Beck from Limerick Ireland joined us and fit right in among all the Eggheads.

I'll have to add more to this post later because I'm way behind and wanted to get something posted in order to maintain the proper chronology of all that we've been doing lately.  It's a lot...