Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Georgia Mountain Eggfest 2014

It was a long, almost 1,000 mile trek but worth it to attend the Georgia Mountain Eggfest for the third time in as many years.  I'll have lots more to say about it and the 1,800 people who showed up to eat and check out the EGGciting Big Green Egg in action.

Overall, we were gone 11 days and were EGGhausted by the time we got home.  But we're back in form now and ready for even more adventures.  I'll bring this post up to date when I get some time.

First things first, I have to edit about 2,000 photos of all we've been doing this Spring .

Now we're talking about going to Ireland and Scotland next year.  We're really looking forward to that.

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