Saturday, July 29, 2017

Third Week Most Productive So Far

The third week, starting 7/24/17, was great in spite of the rain.  The slab was poured on schedule on Tuesday.  Although we worried about the approaching rain, everything went fine.  The rain did not damage the pour at all.  And soon afterward, the guys were able to smooth it out with their big power trowels.

The following day they removed the forms.  And we were able to walk around on it trying to make sense of where walls would be and furniture would go.  It was really exciting because for he first time it actually felt like it was becoming a real home.

Thursday, the workers cleaned up the site a bit by stacking the form boards for later disposal, and grading down the huge pile of dirt they removed to put in the fill dirt under the slab.  By spreading the dirt like they did, it also made ready the perimeter for the next concrete pour (sidewalk, uncovered patio and driveway) scheduled later on.

And while walking around taking photos I decided to mosey on down the hill across the green space and into the tree line to see what was down there.  I was surprised to find a sizable creek.  It wasn't a creek formed by the developer for drainage but one that had obviously been there a few centuries.  I told Judy that we can now claim to live on 'Waterfront Property.'

Friday, about all that was done was the installation of the power meter on the construction pole. That's a sure sign that framing will start soon.  We can't wait for that so we can actually walk from room to room, mentally sizing it up for furniture and art.

And Saturday, they brought the lumber to start the framing.

Here are some pictures showing the week's progress:

And here's the creek down back of the lot.

The framing lumber was delivered Saturday

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