Thursday, June 01, 2017

Update on the sell of our house

It only took 11 days to sell our house.  The folks who offered to buy it 'knew' the moment they came inside that 'this was it.'  How do we know this?  Well, they told us so.

Yes, they called asked if they could drop by without the agent and look at some of the items for sale. They only live two minutes away, so we said yes. come on.  They were here two minutes later.

Larry and Sheryl.  They immediately told us how much they liked our house and knew it was exactly what they wanted after a few years of searching.

They have lived a few blocks over for 44 years.  It's a two-story house with all four bedrooms upstairs, as was the custom back when it was built.

But Larry said he is 70 and climbing the stairs is getting to be more and more difficult, as is maintaining their over sized lawn.  Our house fit their their needs perfectly, including their 'back-yard' lifestyle. (just like us)

We had included the Mini Big Green Egg in the sale just so they could start out as 'Eggheads', so one of the first things we did was to go to the outdoor kitchen (formerly known as The Coop) so I could show them a little about how to cook on a Big Green Egg.

I had already fired up a large Big Green Egg (formerly called Lulu) and placed some Magnum Loads on it to cook.  That way they could actually see the Magnum Loads cooking indirect on the Egg.

Meanwhile, Judy and I showed them around, taking care to point out important details about where controllers for the outdoor lighting and irrigation systems were located, showing the path of the underground French drain and clean-out ports, and other things they should be aware of.

Larry was curious about the hot water circulating pump and actually climbed into the attic to see it. I also explained how to drain the hot water tank periodically using the drain valve I had the plumber install.

I also pointed out the ring binders I had assembled for the various appliances, controllers, devices, etc, including a hand-drawn map showing locations of underground pipes and wiring, along with water spigot locations and the French drainage network.

By then the Magnum Loads were ready so I showed how we cut and serve them to guests.  They loved them.  We gave them the remaining cooked Magnum Loads to take home, and told them there were more in the outdoor kitchen freezer for after they move in.

As  we got to know them more, and them us, it became clear that we could have become good friends years ago had we met.  They are just very nice people who basically want the same things as us - a comfortable home, a private back yard and a happy life.

They were here almost 3 hours.  That should say a lot about how nice their visit was.  We hated to see them go, but we had more boxes to pack.  So did they.

They later called to say they not only wanted to buy the refrigerator, but also the large Big Green Egg that we cooked the Magnum Loads on, the kitchen table and hutch.  We agreed and we feel they will appreciate everything that is as much a part of this house as we were.

We told them the story of the Chicken Ranch, the Coop and the many videos we've made over the years.  We also urged them to join the Big Green Egg forums so they could ask questions about their new cooking device - the Big Green Egg.

Meanwhile, agent called to confirm the closing date of 6-14-17.  The movers will also be here loading up that same day.  We will depart and they will move in when they can.

And two families will start their new adventures.

Larry and Sheryl are going to be so happy here.  We can feel it.  And as sad as we will be when we leave, we know our home will be in the good hands of people who will enjoy, appreciate and take care of it.

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