Sunday, June 11, 2017

Update Three Days Before Closing And Moving

Another day, another day closer to the confirmed date of our closing on the house, June 14th at 10:00 am.  By Noon on June 14th we will be homeless and the movers will be half loaded with all our stuff onto their trucks.

We're excited.

Meanwhile, the buyers are equally excited and equally involved in packing 44 years worth of their stuff for the short move here.  We will see them at the closing.

Our agent emailed us a copy of the document breaking down the closing costs.  It's a sizable sum coming out, for sure, but we're very pleased with how things are turning out.  The Buyers are nice people who should fit well into this house and its private setting, and its good neighbors.

Because they opted to purchase our refrigerator, one large Big Green Egg, our kitchen table and kitchen hutch, our packers will have that much less to load and unload in Covington.  But that means we will have to purchase another refrigerator, one large Big Green Egg, a kitchen table and a kitchen hutch, but not until we're ready to move into our new house.  Could be we won't have room for some of it.

Meanwhile, Judy's sciatica pain is not going away, she was worried that she could not drive the car while I'm driving the truck to Louisiana.  Brother-in-law, Allen, came to the rescue.  He flew over Saturday morning, we loaded the car with some fragile items (the big, gaudy French Mirror and the glass art piece we had hanging over the fireplace, the elephant statue, along with a small TV) and some other items until the car was full.  Allen was on his way home before noon.  That was a relief, and another relief when he emailed that he had arrived home.

We're down to the wire packing stuff that we can pack.  And we're slap worn out from doing it.  The professional movers who do this kind of work every day are to be commended.  It's really hard work.

The remaining items are items too large for us to handle and include some of my tools (especially the larger power tools) that I have no clue as to how to pack.  Not to worry, the movers know exactly what to do.

Meanwhile, Judy suffers and I keep looking for items that I can pack.  We hope to be done with all that we can do on Tuesday.  That's the day we will deliver all the devices back to Comcast.  So on Tuesday, we will no longer have access to the Internet until we get to our rental house in Covington.

The only way to reach us will be by phone (voice or text).  Most everyone who needs it already has the number.  The old house phone number will no longer be in service.

I feel like I could sleep for a month.

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