Friday, June 16, 2017

Update as of June 14, 2017

We closed on our house sale and within the hour, were on our way to our new life and new adventure in Covington, Louisiana.  We arrived at our rental house about 7 hours later.

It feels like it's out in the country, but we're only about ten minutes from shopping.

This will be home for the next five to six months while our house is built in Terra Mariae.  

And this is the one we put up for sale only a month before:

The next morning we met the manager of the storage place to make arrangements for the bulk of our belongings to be stored, then we waited for the first truck to arrive.  Yes, it will take two trucks to move us from Texas.  It's a LOT more than when we moved to Texas 30 years ago.

The movers were here and gone within about 4 hours total.  

Now we have to sort through the boxes to find where they put everything.  The boxes we so carefully packed and labeled were put into larger boxes, thereby spoiling our foolproof method of knowing where each and every item was located.  Now we begin to search.  I can't see that it will be an east task.  But we have six months to do it.

Updates will follow.

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