Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Update on our Selling our house

Our house has now been on the market just over a week.  During that time we've had four prospective buyers tour the house and two more are scheduled for Thursday and Friday.  So far, only one has expressed a strong interest, mostly because she entertains a lot and likes the private patio in back with no houses overlooking the back yard.  I don't blame her at all.  It's the very reason we chose this lot.

And if she is looking for a place to entertain friends, well this was what we've been doing for 29 years for as few as two and as many as sixty.  We've even held a couple of 'mini Eggfests' here.  It was fun and never once did it get so crowded that guests were uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, we've taken apart the Coop and removed anything and everything that made it 'Ours.' We truly want the new owners to make it 'theirs' as they get settled in here.  Oddly, as bare of a lot of Coop artifacts as it is, it still looks like a fun place to hang out.  Someone is going to be very happy they bought this house.

As we stack box after box of our accumulated items in the garage for later transport to Covington, Louisiana, we can't help but wonder how this place held so much 'stuff.'  It's absolutely amazing!

Our latest professional moving service was a nice gentleman named Paco.  He came highly recommended by some Egghead friends.  He certainly seemed sincere while also being very business like as he went around looking at what all would need to be carried to Covington, whether to a temporary apartment or to a storage facility until our house is finished.  We fully expect a fair price, but we know it will be well into the thousands of dollars.  It's just one of those expenses that must be incurred if you want to move all of your 'sacred' belongings to your next home.  I often wonder how it would be to just sell everything and buy new on the other end with the money we would save by not paying a mover.  Well, that's certainly not going to happen this time.  We've got some pretty comfortable things that we have grown attached to during the past 29 years of living here.

Although things seem to be going slow, at least when we're in a hurry, it's all part of the process. We'll live through it and adapt to our new adventure with little thought given to the journey getting there.

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