Friday, July 21, 2017

Second Week of Construction

This week things started to happen quickly.  For one thing, the plumbing drains and vents were installed and tested.  Passed.  And it progressed up to the footings/beams being dug, reinforced and lined with plastic, and laced with re-bar just in time for another rain to close out Friday.  They are planning on pouring the slab Tuesday next week.  Here are some photos of this week:

The contractors seem to be well organized and know what they are doing, so all we do is watch and take photos.  Maybe by Wednesday next week we can walk around on the floor picturing in our mind where the furniture will go.  That would be good.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

First Week of Construction

Monday May 10th through May 14th

We're so excited!!!

This week just flew by, but construction was began on the foundation and forms for pouring the slab. The rain finally caught up with them Friday afternoon.  But look at all they got done.  It's really starting to have a shape...






Monday, July 10, 2017

Construction Has Begun

The official countdown on the construction of our new home in Terra Mariae subdivision started today with the 'fill-dirt' being packed into place.

By my calculations, it will be completed in 167 days.  That would be Christmas Eve.  It would be nice to be living in it sooner.

Yes, there will eventually be a movie of the construction.  

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Chimney Swifts

This house has some history in it.  You can tell by the size of he bathrooms and plumbing.  I think it dates back to the 1930's or maybe even the 1920's.  But even if it was built in the 1940's after I was born, it still has history.

So it comes as no surprise that it frequently emits strange noises, most of which are just routine expansion and contraction as the house heats up and then cools during the night.

But when the noise is coming from the chimney in the form of animals of some kind, then we have to wonder what kind of animal and is it dangerous.

We learned that it was Chimney Swifts when Nephew # 2 told us exactly what was.  He had experience with Chimney Swifts in the past, so that made him the on-site Chimney Swift Expert.

He went on to say it is illegal to try to harm them, or even try to move them from their nest (usually in hollow trees or open chimneys.  They need to build their nests on the side of a hollow tree or within the walls of a chimney.  And, it turns out that only one family of Chimney Swifts nest in the same place at a time.  As they reach maturity, they all fly away.

Meanwhile, the faint 'chirping' we heard during the day and sometimes into the early evening started to get louder and louder.  Then all of a sudden, it was extremely loud.  And suddenly we had a bird flying around our living room here at Temporary House.  After a few exciting minutes we opened two outside doors and the bird, obviously a very nervous Mother, flew out the door, all the while with the youngsters in the fireplace chirping their little heads off.

Judy looked into the fireplace and discovered a nest had fallen from up in the chimney and some fairly large birds were calling for their next feeding.  We didn't know what to do, so we left things just as they were.  We figured Mama Bird would figure out a way to feed them until they could fly away.

This morning, they were much quieter but definitely still there.  So they must be getting food.  In typical fashion, we decided it's probably best that we not do anything to mess with nature for fear that we can do more harm than good.

One thing is for sure: we now know more about Chimney Swifts than we did before yesterday.  And the brief but noisy incident will become just one more in a growing number of brief incidents on the road to building our new home.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Book It, Danno! This One's Done.

Today was the day.  We Closed on the purchase of Lot 62 and on the Construction Loan.  We are now lot-owners in Covington, Louisiana USA, and in a few days, our lot will show signs of transformation into a home.  And we will be pleased.

It’s hard to believe, but the ‘For Sale’ sign went up May 15th and 10 days later, we had an offer.  We countered the offer one day later, and they accepted.  Their purchase would be in cash.

On the 11th day, the house was considered ‘sold.’ 

Only 19 days later, June 14th, we closed and were totally moved from our home of 29 years. 

By the end of the day we had driven 354 miles and were moving into a temporary rental house in Covington, Louisiana, approximately 2 miles from where our future home would be built. 

Total time at that point – 30 days. 

And today, June 29th, on the 45th day, we closed on both the lot purchase and the construction loan.  We are done with all we can do over the next five or six months.  Now we just wait for the builder to build it.

45 Days isn’t bad at all.  I hope the next 175 days goes as quickly. 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Update as of June 26, 2017

The last of our belongings arrived today on a second truck.  And wouldn't you know it, there wasn't enough room in left in the 10' X 20' X 14' high space to take it on.  So we had to quickly rent another space that was 10' X 15' X 14' high.  And three hours later it too was full.  We just barely squeezed in the last item, our securely bundled up Select Comfort Numbers Bed.

With the additional space for climate controlled storage, we're now paying near $400 a month just for storage space.  Add that to the moving company charges and we will have spent $8,000 before we get to move into our new home.  And that will probably cost another $1,000 to $1,500 before we can start opening the boxes.

No matter, this was something that needed doing, no matter the cost.  And we're really looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, we are settling into our temporary house, even to the point of becoming comfortable with it.  Two nights in a row I cooked on the Big Green Egg, and although it was done in a 'make-shift' way, it was fun and turned out to be delicious.

The only mishap so far was the electrical plug prongs got smashed and broken on my power recliner.  Judy got on the phone right away to Gallery Furniture's Customer Service Department in Houston.  Before long, a replacement power adapter was being FedEx'd to us.  Talk about customer service, THAT's customer service.

As tired as we were we decided to celebrate the events of the day, so we went to try the last Mexican restaurant in Covington left to check out.  Actually, it was better than the other three, which were only so so and way too expensive for the quality of food.  This one is closer and better.  But their margaritas, although delicious, were way too expensive for us.  Next time, 'just water, please.'

I have a feeling we will both sleep well tonight.  And tomorrow we can start thinking about the actual close on the lot purchase and construction loan scheduled for Thursday morning.  By noon we should be land owners in Covinton, Louisiana, and our builder can begin construction, hopefully by Jyly 5th but probably closer to July 15th.

So I've already started the first in a series of videos as the house takes shape.  This first one is just showing the lot before anything happens.  Here's the link to the video:

After this week, we wait patiently, or as close to patiently as we can.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Update as of June 14, 2017

We closed on our house sale and within the hour, were on our way to our new life and new adventure in Covington, Louisiana.  We arrived at our rental house about 7 hours later.

It feels like it's out in the country, but we're only about ten minutes from shopping.

This will be home for the next five to six months while our house is built in Terra Mariae.  

And this is the one we put up for sale only a month before:

The next morning we met the manager of the storage place to make arrangements for the bulk of our belongings to be stored, then we waited for the first truck to arrive.  Yes, it will take two trucks to move us from Texas.  It's a LOT more than when we moved to Texas 30 years ago.

The movers were here and gone within about 4 hours total.  

Now we have to sort through the boxes to find where they put everything.  The boxes we so carefully packed and labeled were put into larger boxes, thereby spoiling our foolproof method of knowing where each and every item was located.  Now we begin to search.  I can't see that it will be an east task.  But we have six months to do it.

Updates will follow.