Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sixth Week Very Progressive

The rain continued off and on during the week but the workers went on with their work.  And they did a lot, including the rough-in electrical, lighting, plumbing, guest tub and natural gas.  Also, the roofing shingles were finished and some ridge tiles. The attic ventilation turban was also installed. And even the A/C is installed, vented to each room and ready to hooked up to the outside condensing unit.

The bricklayers may be there this coming week.

Here are some photos.







They are moving right along and every day it feels more and more like a house.  Meanwhile, we drove to New Orleans to confirm our choice for granite countertops.  We also picked out the wine chiller we want to install in the Beverage Center.  And we finalized the design of our new outdoor kitchen.  Yes, it was after we saw the roof line with the popular French Cottage look.  It just seemed natural to use the same roof line for the outdoor kitchen.  

I had planned to build it myself but we decided to see how much it would cost to have them build the structure itself and leave the cabinets for me to build.  We want it done right and with them building the structure it will greatly speed things up.

Sunday when we thought nothing would be happening became a surprise when Joyce and Allen called to say they were there sweeping up construction debris.  So we quickly joined them and about an hour later the place was looking half way good.  There's still some mud stuck to the floor but it will come up easily.  It felt good to walk around without so much debris about.  Thanks Joyce and Allen.

And it looks like I will be getting an EGO Battery Powered blower to go with my EGO Battery Powered Lawn Mower and String Trimmer and Edger I still have to purchase..  Yeah!  I know I said I wasn't going to be doing 'lawn-care' duties, but it seems that the HOA guy's large equipment does not do well for a 'manicured lawn' look.  What's another $1,000 when you just blew through lots of Thousands?  I just hope Bill Collectors can't get to me in Heaven.  That would be Heaven.

The upcoming 7th week is going to be exciting.  Especially if the builder has a good price on building our outdoor kitchen.  That would really make my day/week.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Fifth Week A Slow Week, Mostly Due To Rain

The builder had a rough time keeping a good schedule this week.  It rain A Lot here, and naturally, some work just doesn't get done.  We fully understand it so we're not complaining.

But a few things did get done and best of all they started on the plumbing.  And as of this morning, this is what we saw when we arrived at New House.

At least the plumbers have something to install Monday when the new week starts.

Meanwhile, we have to drive over to New Orleans to pick out granite.  We had already picked some out but it was sold before they even started our house.  This new shipment looks close to what we had picked, but we have to see it up close and touch it before we commit to it.

Meanwhile, I've drawn up another plan for our outdoor kitchen.  I really liked the first design, but when we could see the shape of our roof, I realized I needed to think twice about how my first design would fit.  So it now appears that Plan B is going to be the choice.  Plan B should be a little easier for me to build.

We're still doing fine at Temporary House.  In fact, we even had an overnight guest.  An Egghead friend from Virginia was returning home  after dropping his daughter off at LSU in Baton Rouge.  So we offered him the 'Bed & Grub' special.  It was good seeing him again.

We also attended the Happy Retirement party for Bother-in-Law, Allen.  It was held in their new home in Terra Bella just across town.  It was a really nice party and we met some nice people.  Among the people we met were the previous residents of Temporary House.    Yes, small world.  They stayed here about 9 months while their house in Terra Bella was being built.  

Next week promises rain again, so we'll see what happens.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Fourth Week and Progressing Right Along

In spite of the rain, the crews always remained on site and immediately picked up where they left off as soon as the rain stopped.  This pattern was repeated many times during the week.  And again today as the roofing crew was finishing up applying the tar paper.

Here are a few photos showing the progress this week.








It started raining pretty hard and very wet three minutes after the last photo above was taken.  They will wait it out and finish up today so the roofing shingle crew can start Monday or Tuesday.  

Meanwhile, the tar paper will keep the rain out of the house.  That's a good thing.

Tomorrow should be equally interesting, if nothing was done except clean up the site.  It's very muddy. and construction debris is everywhere, inside and out.

So far, we are very impressed with all of the contractor crews.  They know what they are doing and they do it well.  Thanks guys...

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

A Double-Productive Day

The framing crew has been very busy this week.  I call it "Sticks in the Air."  But they did the initial floor plates on Monday, giving us for the first time a visual of what the room's boundaries will be.  It sure made everything look smaller than we first thought.

Tuesday, they actually had 'sticks in the air' clearly defining the rooms.

And by today, Wednesday, they were installing ceiling joists and other parts necessary to be in place for (Hopefully) Friday's rafters, and maybe even some roofing.  But there's a very good chance of rain both days.

As of Wednesday night, here's what it looks like:

Meanwhile, we finally went through the process of getting our Louisiana driver's licenses and registering the car.  We registered the truck a few weeks back.  We even registered to vote. It took a lot of frustrating patience and WTH's but we got it done.  We're no longer illegal aliens.

We also stopped by the cabinet company and advised them that we decided to convert one of the two food pantry's into a beverage center.  'No problem.'  A bit (LOT) expensive, but we think its needed.

Also this week, I met my new ophahalmologist and like him very much.  I've already got my next appointment scheduled in four months.

And Monday, August 7th, I'll meet my new primary care doctor. 

Our house is well on its way, our licenses are in our pockets, our cars have Louisiana plates, and we're getting used to Temporary House.  I think we'll survive this adventure.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Third Week Most Productive So Far

The third week, starting 7/24/17, was great in spite of the rain.  The slab was poured on schedule on Tuesday.  Although we worried about the approaching rain, everything went fine.  The rain did not damage the pour at all.  And soon afterward, the guys were able to smooth it out with their big power trowels.

The following day they removed the forms.  And we were able to walk around on it trying to make sense of where walls would be and furniture would go.  It was really exciting because for he first time it actually felt like it was becoming a real home.

Thursday, the workers cleaned up the site a bit by stacking the form boards for later disposal, and grading down the huge pile of dirt they removed to put in the fill dirt under the slab.  By spreading the dirt like they did, it also made ready the perimeter for the next concrete pour (sidewalk, uncovered patio and driveway) scheduled later on.

And while walking around taking photos I decided to mosey on down the hill across the green space and into the tree line to see what was down there.  I was surprised to find a sizable creek.  It wasn't a creek formed by the developer for drainage but one that had obviously been there a few centuries.  I told Judy that we can now claim to live on 'Waterfront Property.'

Friday, about all that was done was the installation of the power meter on the construction pole. That's a sure sign that framing will start soon.  We can't wait for that so we can actually walk from room to room, mentally sizing it up for furniture and art.

And Saturday, they brought the lumber to start the framing.

Here are some pictures showing the week's progress:

And here's the creek down back of the lot.

The framing lumber was delivered Saturday