Friday, December 02, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving is usually associated with family, food and football, but this year it included making stained glass.  Yes, the stained glass workshop (our garage) was busy with glass being cut, ground to shape and fitted into a pattern where it was eventually soldered into place and ending up as a work of art to be fitted into a custom door for Joyce and Allen's new home being built in Covington, Louisiana.

Meanwhile, Sandra was learning how to make mosaic art, this time a garden stone with a dragon fly. It turned out really nice and she is excitedly planning her next mosaic art project.

We had the usual food items for Thanksgiving dinner but we decided to cook the turkey 'spatchcocked' style instead of the usual way.  Spatchcocked is a galic word for butterflied, if you were wondering.  We also wanted to try some new seasoning created by our friends at Dizzy Pig BBQ Company in Virginia.  And naturally, the turkey was cooked on the Big Green Egg.

It turned out really well.  As is typical of spatchcocked chicken and turkey, it was easy to cut up and was very moist throughout.  It went well with all of the other food we had laid out for the six of us.

Anyway, it was a wonderful holiday.  And I took some photos which I included in this video.  I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed living it.

Thanksgiving 2016


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