Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas 2016

Once again, Judy and I drove to New Orleans for Christmas.  Seems a lot easier than all of them coming here.

And once again, we ate a lot of good food and gave/got some nice gifts.

But this year we also got to see Joyce and Allen's new home being built in Terra Bella, in Covington, Louisiana.  It looks to be about 1/3 along but the construction people move fast and I'm sure it will be ready to move into in March.

The trip was also the longest yet in our new Honda Pilot (almost 800 miles) and we were very happy with the comfort and performance.  We averaged 28.1 mpg if you believe the on-board computer, but 25.1 mpg if you actually calculate the fuel purchased.  Still not bad considering it's a much larger car than the Toyota Hybrid.  It may well be our last car to buy.

It was a fun trip with some time leftover for packing china and cleaning out closets.

Now to lose the eight pounds I put on.

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