Saturday, March 05, 2016

Mending Fences

Judy and I have been mending fences again.  No, not between old friends.  I mean 'fences' as in privacy fences to protect us from sight and sound and critters and bad people.

The fence between us and the cemetery behind our house began to fall apart, mostly due to rotting rails and rot boards.  The posts and most of the pickets are still good.

We had a storm come through last year and blew over some sections but knowing that we would eventually have to replace the entire fence, we just pushed and propped it back in place.  It was a temporary measure for sure, but it worked until we took down the damaged section (about 30') and rebuilt it late last year.

Then a couple of weeks ago we had some really strong winds that pushed over another section.  So out came the tools again.  We took down another 30', salvaged as many pickets as possible and installed new rot boards and rails.

Today we installed the pickets.  They were pretty easy

Another section done.  It will have to work until we get ready to take on the next section.  Maybe in another week.  I sure hope the weather is like it is now.  Perfect for Fence Mending and we have another 110' feet to go.

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