Thursday, June 11, 2015

Coop Party 2015 Date Announced

Yes, there is going to be another Coop Party.  This one is set for Saturday, September 5th, 2015.

Yes, it will be held here at the Chicken Ranch.

We've already got 35 committed to be here, and others are either 'working on it' or 'will try to make it.'  Then there are some neighbors and friends who will likely come to see what all this "Egghead" stuff is about.  So we're planning around there being 50.  Or as we here at the Chicken Ranch call it: 'Just over 4 doz.'  It should be enough to have a good time.

I've started a blog site just for the Coop Party.

Think of it as a work in progress.  I've got lots more to add to it before it is considered reliable information.  But I'll be working on it as we get closer to September 5th.

We already know some will be flying in, some will be driving in, and some will just walk across the street.

And, before you even ask, the 'Guest Nest Room' is already taken.  But you can pop up a tent for the night.  Our back .40 is fenced from all but flying varmints and artillery.

See you at the Coop Party.

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