Friday, December 20, 2013

New Furniture for the Back Porch

Well, not really 'New' but it's new to us, and it was free. 

It all started when Judy saw it listed on FreeCycle.  It's a site where you can offer pretty much anything of value for free to someone who might can use it.  Of course it works both ways so those who receive items are expected to donate things too.  It's a good way to keep one person's "trash" out of the landfill by making it someone else's "treasure."

In this instance, a woman advertised that she had a "Solid Oak Sideboard" she was offering to the first person who wanted it and could come get it.  She did not post a photo so our first thought was that it was in such bad shape that we might be able to get some good oak lumber out of it.

Boy were we wrong...  This thing was built "at least 70 years ago" according to the owner.  It has hardware that dates it to about the 1930's or 40's.  Yes, it was a bit beat up but all the parts were in place and were solid.

I briefly worked on it to fix one of the drawer-pulls but that was it.

Take a look at our really nice (free) treasure.


Looks like it was made for our porch.

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