Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Magic Toboggan

by Leroy McMillin

'twas the night before Christmas,
and all through the Coop,
not a pot needed stirring,
not even for some soup...

I was 'a nap'n all snug in my chair,
and Judy was up and about but I'm not sure where.
Suddenly, visions of Christmassy stuff flooded my noggin',
And Vixen was needing a ride on my toboggan...

She had been with Rudolph out on a date
and had returned home much too late.
But Santa had a tight schedule to keep,
and he flew off with a frown and a (bleep)...

It was too late for the Elves to start a search,
Santa would just have to be in a lurch.
Could Santa's seven other reindeer keep up the pace,
could they make it in time to every last place???

I could just hear Santa grumble about the schedule to keep,
"On Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and (Bleep),
On Comet, and Cupid, and Donner, and Blitzen"
With a lot of luck his schedule he might keep...

"WAKE UP LEROY... Here in your chair you can't be staying."
The strange little voice in my head was saying.
"We have to hurry fast or this could be Christmas last!"  
Christmas Last, Christmas Last!!! I've got to wake up fast...

I awoke with a startle to say the least.
And suddenly thought why am I talking to a beast?
Then Vixen explained what we had to do,
And I said, "Not until I've been to the loo..."

I jumped in my pants and pulled on a sweater,
Then I thought I should write Judy a letter.
But what could I say that made any sense?
So I just wrote "I'm off to catch Santa whence..."

Then off to the garage to get my toboggan,
with Vixen's words still in my noggin'.
Then it dawned on me that toboggans can't fly right,
to which Vixen said, "This one will tonight..."

And with a twitch of her tail and in a blink of her eye,
we were way, way up into the night sky.
We immediately headed north toward the Pole,
Hoping to catch Santa while he was still in the cold...

LOOK!  LOOK!  There off to the right!
It was Santa ready to stop at the house with the light.
We landed on the roof right next to his sleigh.
And we all knew at once that we had saved the day... 

With Vixen now in her harness and Santa all aglow
I knew it was now time for me to go.
And on my way home on my Magic Toboggan,
I thought of what a glorious night and my eyes started fogg'n...

I made it home just in the nick of time.
My Judy was just waking and everything was just fine.
I waited a bit before I told her my story.
And she listened and let me bask in my glory...

Then she said, "But you have no toboggan."
All of this was just a dream in your noggin'."
I suddenly realized that she must be right.
No matter though, It was a wonderful night...




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