Thursday, February 14, 2013

Back Surgery Followup - I'm Good

During this morning's post back-surgery visit to my surgeon, the conversation quickly got around to why I need to be fully functional by March 16th - the date of the Salado Eggfest.

Well, it seems that it would be cutting it close to say I was Healed by that date, and it would be a lot safer if I continued to take it easy for a while longer, especially when it comes to lifting heavy objects.

So I might need some help lifting Eggfest boxes when the time comes.

By that time the conversation quickly switched to "What's an Eggfest?" and "What makes this Big Green Egg thing cook so well?"

Judy and I both ganged up on him and before long he was asking more questions. I finally gave him a card. Yep, a Card... Now he now has absolutely no excuse for not knowing about the Egg.

He has been "Egganised."

Judy wants to take him some Spatchcocked Chicken on the next visit. It's right after Salado. I suppose he wants to see if I damaged anything.

Otherwise, I'm good. The hole in my back is healing nicely and the residual tingling in my feet is to be expected because it involves nerves and they can take weeks, months or even years to heal.

Looks like you guys are stuck with me until the next little body-part crisis.

Spring "Bionic Egghead" Chicken

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