Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back Surgery Update

It took 12 hours and 24 minutes for my back surgery.

But that's from the time I signed in at the Surgery Center yesterday morning until I climbed in the passenger seat of my truck to come home yesterday evening.  In fact, I could have come home a couple of hours sooner but the surgeon waited until 4:00 to call to let me go.  Then the nurse had to process me out.

I was up walking the halls an hour and a half after returning to my room.  Then a few more times before i left for home. 

I'm not even taking pain meds, and I plan to go out to dinner with the neighbors tonight.  i may even start my treadmill walks later today.  Definitely tomorrow.

Another successful back repair. The only thing left is a visit to the surgeon in two weeks, and doing the walking therapy, and a few 'non-of-this-and-thats' for about four weeks. I think that's pretty darn amazing. 

Oh, and I think it may have fixed the problem.

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