Friday, December 21, 2012

Sad Day at the Chicken Ranch

We'll be flying the Texas Flag high in the wind tonight for the man who made the Chicken Ranch famous around the world.

NEW YORK (AP) -- Larry L. King, a writer and playwright whose magazine article about a campaign to close down a popular bordello became the hit Tony Award-nominated musical, "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas," and a movie starring Burt Reynolds, died Thursday. He was 83.

No, ours is not the original Chicken Ranch, but we aren't that far from where the magical transition to manhood took place for three or four generations of eager Texas boys.

It was both famous and infamous, and apparently a lot of fun offering what comes naturally, at a price, of course. Or if you didn't have any cash, perhaps a couple of chickens.

Given the whimsical nature of our little piece of Texas, and the fun atmosphere in and around the Big Green Eggs in The Chicken Coop, it just seemed the perfect name for us too.

And some of y'all thought we raised chickens here LOL.

Goodbye Mr. King, you did well and created two legends in the process.

Spring "Staff Flying At Half Flag" Chicken
Spring Texas USA

PS  On December 24th there was yet another sad announcement that Charles Durning also passed away.


Here he is with Burt Reynolds in 1982's 'Best Little Whore House in Texas'

Durning gave a singin’-and-dancin’ turn as a look-the-other-way Lone Star State governor that earned him his first Oscar nomination, part of which was for his giddy and memorable performance of “The Sidestep” as he wriggles his Houston-sized body and duets with a 10-gallon hat the way Astaire twirled Rogers.

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