Monday, December 03, 2012

Once In A Blue Moon - The Movie

An Egghead friend of ours from Fort Meyers, Florida is a photographer.  He's very good at it.

We've never met but he has shared some of his photos with us on the Green Eggers Forum.  We all Oooo and Aaaa at his skill and thank him for sharing with us, but I have come to the conclusion that his photos are so good that they should be seen by others outside our small group.  So I downloaded the images he posted this year and compiled them into a video which I uploaded to YouTube as an 'unlisted'  video.  Then I sent the link to him.  It was a total surprise.  He loved it and asked me to change it to "public" on YouTube so that everyone can see what he sees through his camera lens. 

I think you might enjoy it.

It was a fun project and I was happy to do it because he takes some really cool photos that should be seen beyond our small Forum. 

Update:  only one week after creating the Once in a Blue Moon - The Movie, it has received 500 views and is growing quickly as viewers pass on the site to others.  The power of the Internet is absolutely amazing.

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