Thursday, March 15, 2012

Salado Eggfest 2012

We're about 90% packed but not quite loaded for the first Eggfest of the season.  This one is in Salado, Texas and starts tomorrow.  Here's the link to the site if you're interested:

The weather promises to be good but up until two days ago there was a 30% chance of thunder storms.  Not good for an outdoor event.

Because this Eggfest is on St. Patrick's Day, there will be lots of Irish Green.  And a few of us with Scots blood will be wearing kilts.  Since I'm Scotch/Irish I'll be wearing both: Bottom Half - Scotch and Top Half Irish.  Here's me in a test run of my outfit. 

Cute ain't I?  Wait 'til you see me with all my accessories on.

Just like all Eggfest, Judy and I will be cooking on the Big Green Egg and serving to other Eggheads, Egghead Want-to-be's and people who are just curious about what the heck we're doing.  With 40 cooks cooking an average of 2.5 recipes with about 50 bite-size servings each there will be about 5,000 snacks served. 

No, we're not trying to make money or feed the crowd, we just want to introduce them to some of the stuff we can and often do cook on the Egg.  For many of the 'tasters'  it gets them to thinking and before long some of them actually purchase an Egg of their own. 

A few of us will have arrived from as far away as Old Mexico, Canada, New Mexico, Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Pennsylvania and Louisiana.  Most are from Texas.  We usually start our party early with a Friday night Meet & Greet.  Yes, we do a lot of meeting and greeting, especially greeting.  Then after the Eggfest itself on Saturday, we meet up again for an After Party.  In other words, we will be doing a lot of partying  come Friday and Saturday.

I usually take a lot of photos and video and make them into a YouTube video.  It should be pretty interesting.  Stay tuned.

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