Thursday, March 22, 2012

Salado Eggfest 2012 was loads of fun

We're home and 'almost' recovered from one really fun-filled weekend in Salado.  It could not have been nicer.  The weather was great, the crowd was large and the food was delicious.  Lots of men in kilts, including me.

Anyway, here's the movie I put together with photos taken and shared by everyone.

The next Eggfest is in Austin in late April. We may drive over for the day and not cook because the one in Athens, Texas is soon after that and we will likely be cooking there.  Plus, we leave from Athens headed to Lewisville, Arkansas to visit some friends, then on to Memphis to speak to Elvis, then to the North Georgia Eggfest.  By then our travel budget will be shot and we will still have two more Eggfests to go: Texarkana and Plano.

Can't stop having fun now...

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