Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year - 2012

First of all, Happy New Year.

Second, we're both happy to see 2011 go.

That being said, we did nothing and went nowhere to ring out the old and in the new.  Well, we did watch the ball drop in NY on TV but three minutes later I was asleep and remained that way until 6:00 AM. 

Meanwhile, I ended the year in a doctor's office.  Yep!  My 'good' knee is really acting up and causing some serious pain.  It may also be causing some back pain that literally puts me down.  The only way I can get relief is to lie flat on the floor for fifteen or twenty minutes.  Of course, the back pain and knee pain could be totally separate from each other. 

The doctor was concerned that I may have a blood clot in my right leg so he made immediate arrangements for me to get a 'doppler scan.'  I won't know officially until tomorrow or Tuesday but unofficially, it's not a clot.  Otherwise I would have been kept at the hospital for treatment. 

The first treatment option will likely be a cortisone injection in my knee.  He's thinking that by taking away the knee pain I will walk normal again which, in turn, will reduce the back pain.  If not, we can tackle the back to see what's causing it.

Anyway, it would appear that I'll be seeing doctors during 2012, just like 2011, 2010, etc. 

Happy New Year

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