Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve here at the Chicken Ranch and all is quiet.  It's a real wintery day with rain and wind and getting colder.  Perfect weather to stay inside until Santa gets here.  At least I think he's stopping here.  I could be wrong.

Meanwhile, the Chicken Coop is sitting idle because of an electrical problem.  It appears that a rat chewed through an electrical wire 'under' the flooring.  I can't remove the flooring to get to it so I'm having to re-wire around it.  But I only got about halfway done before my knees and back gave out.  Plus, we had to go to New Orleans for a wedding shower.  It was a fun trip which we will repeat in three weeks for the wedding.

Then I'll wait for a nice warm sunny day when my bones aren't creaking to tackle the Coop project again.

Maybe there's some football on TV to keep me occupied this weekend.  If not, there's always a book to read, movie to download or a nap to take.

Merry Christmas all...

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