Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tracye Dianne Hill December 27, 1966 - March 12, 2011

Tracye was my niece.  She was born when I was in the Philippines, stationed on Luzon Island.  I didn't know for a few days afterward but in the same letter my sister, Tommie, insisted that I be Tracy's Godfather, even if by proxy.  Of course, I said yes.

I couldn't wait to see her but it didn't happen until July the following year, 1967.

She was a beautiful baby and quickly became accustomed to my non-stop photographing of her using my 35mm camera I purchased in the Philippines.  It was top of the line at the time and took great photos.  Only I was into 'slide' photography and many of my slides were lost when my Mom and Dad's house burned.

But I have one photo of Tracye that I took at my Mom's birthday party.  I think it reflects just how beautiful she was.

Judy and I attended her funeral in Monterey, Louisiana.  It was one of the best funerals we have ever attended.  She was obviously loved by many.

We learned that her death was probably brought about by years of worsening symptoms associated with seizures.  She definitely had a rough time of it in her final years.

Her three children, Steed, JayCee and Gus, turned out well.  I'm sure she was very proud of them.

Rest in peace, Tracye.  You brought a lot of joy to many people in life.

Uncle Jr.

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