Friday, February 18, 2011

Cold Winter Be Gone

The weather is okay right now, February 18th, but the past couple of months have been really cold.  Got down into the teen's two or three nights, but there were many nights in the low to mid 20's.  I don't recall it even freezing last winter.  If it did, it was just barely below the freeze mark. 

No matter, we're soon to be complaining about the pollen, then the heat and humidity, then the cold again.

We missed our Friend's birthday party on January 1st in San Antonio so we decided to go see him on January 30th while in town for a house blessing for Judy's cousin, Jane Lee.  We had never been to a house blessing before and it came as somewhat of a surprise when Jane Lee's husband, an Episcopal Priest, blessed the front and back yards and every room in the house.  I suppose that makes it easier to give guests the complete tour and saying this room is blessed but this one isn't.

There were a lot of distant relatives there, most of whom we haven't seen in years.  It was fun talking to them as if it was only a few weeks since we last saw each other.

Judy's brother, Curtis and his wife, Sandra, drove down from Kerrville for the event.  The four of us had lunch in Market Square before heading down to the house blessing.

The next day we drove to the north side of San Antonio to visit our Egghead friend and spent an enjoyable day there.  Another Egghead friend and his wife from here was also there.  So I thought I'd make a movie of the day. 

We stayed until 3:30 and left for home.  I'm not too keen on driving after dark anymore so it was a relief when we pulled into our garage about one minute before it was totally dark.

Meanwhile, Judy has already started cleaning out flower beds and trimming some plants so they will have a fresh start.

We're both getting 'Eggcited' about the upcoming Salado Egghead Gathering in Salado, Texas on March 26th.  We've already had over 100 pre-register for the event so it should be fun.

We're also headed up to Oklahoma City for the Oklahoma Eggfest on April 16th.  It's always fun.

Then on April 21st we're leaving for Hawaii.  We'll cruise to all the islands and do all the tourist things then fly back to Houston.  It's one of those trips we've wanted to do for 35 years.  Best to do it now before we get too old and sickly to enjoy it.  It should be loads of fun.

After we return from Hawaii, we will be going to the Green Eggs and Ham....burgers Eggfest in Athens, Texas on May 21st.  It's at the Texas Freshwater Fish Hatcheries and promises to be a fun event as well.

I'm sure there will be something else to get into after that. 

At least this year is not as depressing as 2010.  That's a good thing.

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