Saturday, November 20, 2010

Remodeling Continues

Two things really stand out when remodeling a home: it's expensive and it's not fun. Not to mention it makes a mess.

But as of today, we're progressing well. In fact, the installers will be here shortly to replace the carpet in our master bedroom and living room. We had to disassemble our bed because it is a bit complex. It has a Select Comfort (numbers bed) mattress system. Took us about an hour to totally disassemble it. The guys can move the head board the foot board.

Meanwhile, yesterday our tile guy finished installing the new tile in the foyer and wood flooring in the dining room. Then he textured the wall in the guest bath. He will finish up there today.

Then on Monday the new wall unit for the TV will arrive and be set up. It is almost the same size as the one we had before. We sold it on Craig's List to a nice couple who just happen to live nearby.

On Tuesday, Best Buy will deliver the new Sony TV and install it in the new wall unit. We upgraded our home theater equipment to the latest digital technology and paid for them to hook all that up too. By Tuesday night we should be able to watch TV for the first time in over a week.

Yes, Judy and I are tired, sore and sleepy but everything will soon be over. I'll show some photos then.

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