Monday, November 01, 2010

Pain Block Injection

Shortly after my knee replacement surgery in June, I developed a strange but painful burning sensation on the top of my foot.  In as much as it was the same leg as the knee replacement my first thought was that the two were related.  Apparently not so, and it took a few months and a lot of tests to determine that it was a nerve issue, probably resulting from a slight bulge near L5 and S1.  I could just put up with it or they could try something.  Putting up with it was not an option so they scheduled me for pain block injections last Friday. 

Although these injections are sometimes performed in the examining room, my doctors prefer that it be done under surgery conditions: fasting, hospital gown, surgical center, anesthesia, and recovery room.  I was home later in the day but limited as to what I could do due to the anesthesia.  Definitely no driving.

The injection is to deliver an antiflammatory drug directly to the point where needed.  The doctor actually utilizes an X-ray to position the needle.

I was in hopes that the results would be immediate but so far that hasn't been the case.  They said it may take a few days and possibly additional injections, but they feel this treatment will solve the problem with minimal disruption.

Oddly, the burning sensation comes about within minutes after lying in my bed to sleep.  If I am not asleep when it starts I will have to get out of bed.  The burning goes away almost immediately and remains clear until I return to bed.  However, once asleep, I can awaken during the night and not experience the sensation. 

There never seems to be an end to the complexities of an aging body.

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