Saturday, July 28, 2007

Chicken Coop Is Complete

Over a year has passed since I started building my outdoor kitchen, affectionately known by all who care as the Chicken Coop. The finished product didn't come without some anxious moments, especially around January when I had my heart attack. And the physical work was delayed considerably by my ongoing bout with sciatica, or as I like to call it: Mad Max Disease, after my good friend and fellow Egghead, Mad Max, who figured out a way to transmit his sciatica problem to me via the Internet. Ironically, Mad Max was the very first Egghead to visit the final version of the Coop, and he gave it a thumbs-up.

So without further ado I present to you my Chicken Coop...

My Large Egg

My Small Egg in it's transporter.

Left rear corner showing my rubs & spices Frig, and the Gas Grill where I store Dutch Ovens.

Some "nesting" chickens...

The Lights add both lighting and a touch of Chicken Coop Class

Ain't that a purddy light?

My collection of Lawn Ranger Tools

The Rooster doesn't crow but we always know which way is North...

This is the Official Coop Photo.

Here it is lit up at night.


Gary McMillian said...

That's a mighty nice looking "Chicken Coop" you've got there, Leroy and Judy!

We need to get us one of those "eggs" and try it out.

Callie said...

That is a marvelous kitchen! It must be so much fun to cook outside in your "chicken coop."

tinsel said...

This is a fine thing you have .Lots of good food will be coming your way now!

John Gray said...

that is the oddest coop I have seen......well done