Friday, June 08, 2007

Clan MacMillan Society Of Texas

Last year I discovered that the McMillin name originated in Scotland, not Ireland like I had been told all my life. It was a pleasant surprise, not because I don't wish to be of Irish heritage, but because it makes my life more complete. I posted my findings in my Blog: and I thought that was the end of it.

But recently I got a card in the mail asking if I would like to become a Charter Member of the Clan MacMillan Society of Texas, a newly formed group for McMillins (any spelling) in Texas. Why heck yes I wanted to join such a group. These people are my relatives, no matter how far removed from my life and my history.

I sent in my fees and this coming Tuesday, June 12, 2007, we're meeting at the home of one of the organizers. Already a number of McMillins (various spellings) have signed up and will be there. Just as important, Chief George McMillan from Finlaystone, Scotland will be there to kick off the first Gathering of the Clan MacMillan Society of Texas. What an honor, not to mention what fun it will be to meet distant relatives I may have never met except for the Internet and the Clan MacMillan Society of Texas organizers.

As I said before, "... it may not make me rich but it sure makes me proud to be a McMillin."

If you want to check out the Clan MacMillan Society of Texas website, go to:

Stay tuned for pictures and updates. This is one group I am going to thoroughly enjoy.


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Claudie said...

Our Great Grandpaw was Newton Dicken McMillin buried in McMillin cemetery in San Saba Co.