Tuesday, October 31, 2006

EggtoberFest - Atlanta 2006

We finally made it to EggtoberFest in Atlanta. What a nice way to enhance a great hobby. We saw lots of old friends from the Texas and Oklahoma Eggfests and met a lot of folks we only knew by their Big Green Egg Handle and their posts on the Big Green Egg Forum. But we also met some people who just got into "Egging" and haven't really spent much time on the Forum.

Then there's the food... WOW! So much and so wonderfully good. Judy and I didn't cook but there were over 200 Eggs set up for that purpose and at least 175 cooking on them (some were cooking on two or more Eggs).

We had a great time for sure and will likely be back. If you want to see some photos click here: http://wessb.com/Allfests/Eggtoberfest06/eggtoberfest_2006.htm

WessB combined a lot of his own photos with others to give you a taste of how great it was. Enjoy...

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James McMillin said...

What is eggtober fest?
How is your chicken coup working out for you?