Sunday, October 01, 2017

Twelth Week - The End is in Sight

A lot more obvious 'finishing touches' stuff happened this week, but only during the first three days.  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were 'nothing happening' days.  Well, except for seeing some neighbors decorating for Halloween, and the delivery of some lumber, drain-pipe and re-bar to prepare the driveway for pouring.  And the appliances were delivered, hopefully for a Monday install.

Yes!  It's time to pour the driveway!  That's a big deal.  And its a big driveway.  But more important, it will finally cover up that nasty looking area in front of the house.

We're not sure if the long sidewalk and uncovered patio slab will be poured at the same time.  If they do, they will have a lot to pour because we're adding a few feet to the size of the uncovered patio (aka outdoor kitchen floor), and adding a sidewalk around the rear of the house.

Ha... by the time we get through pouring concrete, we will have more concrete outside than inside.

And as Martha would say, "That's a good thing."

Not to worry though.  There's plenty of room left for whatever greenery we want to plant, including a tree or two if we can make up our minds as to what kind of trees.  They must be able to grow fast (for obvious reasons) and hopefully, make the landscaping look even nicer.

Meanwhile, the developer of Phase III, has sold the property to a large, nationwide developer and they are already preparing the land next to us for what appears to be some very nice homes.

They will not have the "55 and older" requirement that our subdivision has.  That's a good thing, because our residents like being old LOL.  Well, it's more like we enjoy it without the constant reminder that younger people tend to have children.  And children can become very loud when they get excited with their play.  (Yes, like we all did a half century or more ago)

But the wide buffer line between us and them is a tree-filled area that will eventually be made even thicker with fast growing bushes that will pretty much make them invisible to us, and us to them.

So their sudden appearance after 15 years of inactivity on the site is somewhat of a surprise, but definitely not a game-changer for us.  We love where we are.

Heck, we're even enjoying watching the huge earth-moving equipment re-shape land that was virtually untouched for a million or so years.

Finally, we used the slow days to look around town some more.  And we found what promises to be the best fish market in the area.  And to sweeten the expectations, they also sell Poboy's.  We will likely spend a lot of time and money there.

We also visited the Covington Farmers Market that we had been hearing about ever since we arrived.  It's perfect for us.  Not too large or complicated.  And it's only a few minutes from Lot 62, or as will soon be called, 294 Lourdes Lane.

I took a few photos of the Farmers Market and made a little video.  Here's the link:

Covington Farmers Market

There are only a few photos worth sharing of the house's progress, and a few of Terra Mariae itself, but here they are.






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