Sunday, March 05, 2017


Sushi has always been one of those foods that just never appealed to me. And it was really my fault that it didn't appeal to me. I never tried it, nor did I even care to see what it was other than some rice and raw fish wrapped in seaweed.

Well, my ignorance and unwillingness to to even try it or learn more about it was totally unfair to what I now know to be a delightfully delicious food that can be a welcome change of pace to the foods I have eaten all of my life.

Granted, I haven't tried all the many variations of sushi and probably never will. There are many recipes that take culinary genius to a new level. I'm probably going to remain a novice at it so I'll likely stick with the sushi that has ingredients I'm somewhat familiar with, albeit prepared very close to a stove of some kind.

Our favorite grocery stores H.E.B. and Kroger have sushi counters where you can purchase a wide range of sushi that is freshly prepared before your eyes. The sushi chefs even encourage you to taste some of their products, freely offering samples to try. So for no investment in time or money, you can experience the flavor of sushi right there in the store. I urge you to do just that the next time you are in a grocery with a sushi bar.

That being said, I'm one who likes to take a food idea and run in a different direction with it. So I decided to see how I could combine the Magic of the Big Green Egg with sushi. Yes, I know it's a stretch but the old adage, 'nothing ventured, nothing gained" kept urging me to try. So we did....

And, I made some video's of what we (Judy got involved as well) decided to try. Although it is not exactly 'Sushi,' or even close to being sushi, our creations were sushi inspired. Here's some of what we came up with:

BLT Sushi Roll

Sushi Breakfast - Chicken Ranch Style

Meanwhile, I'm learning how to make the sushi rice (it's not regular rice at all), probably the main ingredient in sushi, and how to add other ingredients including smoked salmon, fruits and vegetables that enhance the overall flavors of the sushi roll.

I'll probably practice using my chop sticks too, and maybe learn a few Japanese words along the way.

It's all fun anyway, so why not make it tasty by learning something new?

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