Thursday, June 02, 2016

Rain Rain Go Away

Three years ago pretty much everyone in Texas was praying hard for rain.  They were praying because entire forests and many thousands of acres of farm land dried up, burned or were just left untended.  Lakes and rivers were at their lowest point in decades and some had never been so dry. Wildfires were everywhere, burning everything in their path, including hundreds of homes and businesses.  Lives were lost and others changed forever.

Eventually, relief came but not nearly enough to fill the reservoirs and rivers and lakes. But it was enough to start the healing process.

As I understand Prayer, those who pray aren't always specific about when or how much to ask for. So most who prayed for help probably just said something like, "Please God, let it rain."  

Well, it took a while, but those prayers are all being answered here and now, apparently all at the same time.  

As a result, more Texas land than ever is flooded, along with lakes and rivers that are well over their highest mark in decades, and some areas had never been so wet.  Flooding is everywhere, soaking everything in its path, including hundreds of homes and businesses. Farm land is unusable and farm animals are drowning by the thousands.  People are dying and survivor’s lives are changed forever.

Record Keepers say that every day a new record is set.  And there's no end in sight.

So, those of you who rely on the Power of Prayer, please be more specific as to when and how much you pray for next time.  Better yet, just let someone who knows how to pray do it.  Or we will likely face the same problems in the future.

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