Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Texas Eggfest 2016

The 2016 Texas Eggfest is over but the fun we had lingers on in the form of remembering all the fun we had, the weather related drama leading up to it, and the gathering of old friends while making new ones before, during and after the Eggfest.

As always, we all worked hard to cook and serve our treats to the masses of Tasters who were obviously enjoying themselves.  I heard mention that there were over 2 ,000 tickets sold, and like all the other Cooks, we served a lot of them more than once.

We also had to explain what we cooked, how we cooked it and everything there is to know about the Big Green Egg.  This was the most 'Egg-Interested' crowd I can remember in a long time.  I'm sure the Egg was moved way up the priority list for a lot of people.

Of course, the cooking and serving was pretty much non-stop but we also slowed down long enough to roam around to see and taste some of the other Cook's treats.  WOW!  There were some really creative Cooks serving both simple and complex treats that clearly showed off the Egg's magical powers.

I could go on and on but it's easier to just watch the video I put together.


As for the Meat Church, I've been making the Cathedral Birdhouses for years and I just didn't think the cathedral design fit the Meat Church image.  So I went looking for ideas and happened on an image of a small, rustic church in the woods that not only seemed perfect, it was something I could build.  Once I started, my Sweetie got in on the decorative ideas and helped bring it all together.  It really turned out great, especially when we tied in the name of one of his most popular products, Holy Cow rub and placed the halo on the cow.  Perfect!!!

Yes, I also made him some tokens...

And yes, he loved it...

It was a fun weekend.

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