Monday, April 04, 2016

Magnum Loads vs. Howitzer Rounds

Before I start with this post, it's not about guns or cannons.  It's about food.

As you know, Judy and I are avid fans of the Big Green Egg ceramic smoker and grill.  We are also among a continuously growing number of Eggheads (the name we BGE owners call ourselves) around the world.

We Eggheads like to gather from time to time at Eggfests around the country where we can enjoy meeting our fellow Eggheads and people who are interested in learning more about the Big Green Egg.

At these Eggfests, a number of us cook and serve samples of various foods, mostly bite-size morsels, that will give the Taster an opportunity to not only taste something cooked on the Egg, but also talk to the Cooks about the food and any other questions they may have about the Egg.  It's a lot of fun for everyone, especially us Cooks.  Judy and I have been to almost 75 Eggfests and Egg related events over the years and will continue to do so as long as we can.

We try to cook and serve something that will be unique and tasty.  Other Cooks do the same.  We really want the Tasters to go home with a "Wow!" feeling, and perhaps become Eggheads themselves.

One of the more popular items that we cook is what we call Magnum Loads. When I describe it, you will quickly see why we named it Magnum Loads. From a healthy food standpoint, it's a 'killer' and that's probably why everyone likes them.

We start with a 1" section of smoked sausage, bore a hole through it end to end, insert a Little Smokey cocktail sausage, wrap that with a generous handful of pork sausage, and then wrap all of it with bacon.  Then cook on the Egg until done and serve.  Yes!  It it delicious.  Here are some photos of them being made and ready to be served.

This year I wanted to try a variation of this same treat, so I came up with something I call Howitzer Rounds.  These little jewels are initially made larger but are then sliced thin for serving.  Like this:

I also made a video of the process so anyone can try it.  It's simple enough to make and you can actually cook it on your own grill, or even in your oven.  Here's the YouTube link:  Howitzer Rounds

We'll be cooking and serving a few hundred of the slices at the upcoming Athens Eggfest this weekend in Athens, Texas.  Athens Eggfest 2016

I'm sure we will have them again at the Texas Eggfest in Austin on April 30th and the Space City Eggfest in Houston on May 21st.

The tickets are well worth the price and the money goes to a worthy cause.  So come on out.  You will be glad you did.

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