Saturday, January 02, 2016

First Meal of the New Year

I'm a breakfast person. So when it comes to my first choice for my very first meal on a new year, breakfast is it. 

And since we renewed our diet vows for 2016, we are sticking to food that is good for us, with a small amount slack given to the holiday spirit. 

I cooked one of the most delicious 4-egg omelets ever. Peppers, green onions, mushrooms, shredded habanero cheese and smoked turkey ham. 

There was just enough of the cheese (maybe two heaping tablespoons) to give it a nice kick and cheesy flavor but not enough to confess a culinary sin for it. 

But the smoked turkey ham took center stage for flavor. It was not only delicious by itself, but it enhanced the flavors of everything else. There was probably 3/4 cup of it chopped to 1/4" size. 

So if you resolved to lose a few pounds in 2016 you might consider smoking a Jennie-O Turkey Ham to substitute for bacon and sausage. 

Here's mine on the Egg after about 2 hours indirect @ 225°-250° using a couple of chunks of post oak smoking wood off to the side of the fire. 


And don't be tempted to eat it immediately after taking it off the Egg. Wrap it in multiple layers of plastic wrap and let it do its thing in the refrigerator for at least overnight. Two days would be even better. I suspect three days would be even better but I've never been able to wait that long. 

Oh, and slice some of it really thin to put on Romaine leaves with a small amount of lite mayo or sauce to make a really great wrap for lunch. Two of them will fix you right up. 

You're welcome. Happy New Year... 

Spring "Starting Off Right" Chicken 
Spring Texas USA

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