Saturday, July 18, 2015

Work Is Never Done

With the Coop Party coming up in a few weeks (Sept 5th), we've been busy cleaning, fixing, making,  washing, trimming, rearranging, painting, and generally, keeping ourselves busy.  Not all of it is for the Coop Party though, some was stuff that just happened.

Like the two Adirondack chairs I decided to build.  Those plastic ones were just not comfortable for me and my 300 pounds.  So I made two using 1¼" treated decking boards and stainless steel screws.

They turned out well.  They are very comfortable and should last a while.

Meanwhile, Judy had a lot of stained glass pieces she wanted to use, so she tried her hand at Mosaic. I helped by doing the wood part.

It really turned out nice, and was a lot of fun.  I'm sure there will be more Mosaic pieces in the future. I may even try it myself.

The oppressive July heat is keeping us from other outside projects but we did most of the work repairing the section of fence that blew down during a storm.  We were able to salvage a lot of the pickets and posts, but the rails were rotten and needed replacing.  I could see to drive the large nails but I had to have our International Workforce drive in the 300+ picket nails.

The other big and very satisfying project was to repair our oldest Big Green Egg, Lily Large.  We got her in 1999 and she's been our favorite ever since.  But we noticed cracks in the base.  They expanded up the sides and across to the point where it was unsafe to use her.  So I took her out of service.

She was replaced by Lola Large under the lifetime warranty.

So what do you do with a broken Egg?

I first thought I would just cut away the broken part and make her into a wood fired pizza oven.  Like this:

But when I mentioned the idea to the BGE Distributor, he suggested, instead, to salvage Lily by using PC7 Epoxy.  I was a bit hesitant but he was sure it would work.  So I bought some PC7 and applied it according to the instructions.  And it worked!  I've already cooked a couple of things on her and no cracks.  We're thrilled, of course, and now are the proud owners of five Big Green Eggs.

There's more but this should let you know that we're staying busy.

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