Thursday, August 21, 2014

Colds.... I hate colds....

Have I ever mentioned that I hate colds?  I probably did.  I've had enough of them to write a book.  And I hated every one of them.  But who wants to read a book about hating colds?  Surely not those who hate colds too, and for the same reasons I do.  But one of the luxuries of having a blog site is I can post in no uncertain terms that I hate colds...

But my colds are different (aren't they all).  Mine turn into bronchitis, then severe bronchitis.  And for some reason I wait until it's at the severe stage before I threaten to go to the doctor.  Yes, the same doctor who has repeatedly told me to come see him at the first onset of cold symptoms.

No doctor for me.... No sirree Bob, I always elect to tough it out.  And day after day, night after night, I do just that - cough, cough more, hack up a few globs of chest crud, cuss, and cuss and cuss, the return to what I was doing, or not doing, or not doing, or trying to sleep, and wait for the next round.

2:00 am and I'm on the Internet looking up coughing spasms or something, only to read for the umpteenth time that I probably should go see a doctor.  $&#@*

Finally, it starts to wear down.  Not 'wear out' mind you, just down.  I still cough and still hack up 'stuff' and lose sleep and can't enjoy anything or do anything or go anywhere because I'm afraid I will have another coughing fit.  And to make matters worse, my coughing is so violent that my blood pressure goes sky high, my head feels like its going to burst and I wet my diaper.

I'm retired, but if I was working, it would take all the fun out of calling in sick.

Colds are not fun, and that's why I hate colds, and associated conditions that result from them.

And now I have to live with my wife who caught my cold.

And you don't even want to get me started talking about mosquitoes and flies, especially right now while I'm still recovering from this *#@!%&#@^&( cold.

Thank you for listening.

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