Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Ticker Just Keeps On Ticking

Visited my heart doctor yesterday.  Routine visit.  I'm fine.  My heart is healthy and strong, but I could do with a few less calories.  Of course, "a few" probably means 600 to my doctor, while meaning 300 to me.  I'll see what I can do.

My knee replacement and back surgery is history now.  No problems or restrictions that require caution, medication or therapy, and in a few more months I'll even forget it happened.

Meanwhile, I've re-started my exercise program after being off it for many weeks due to a lingering cold that sapped the strength out of me, not to mention the motivation it took to do the exercises in the first place.

I did the Total Gym yesterday.  Twenty minutes of very specific strength and muscle toning exercises.  It felt good.  And today I'll do twenty minutes on the treadmill.  Then back on the Total Gym tomorrow.  If I can keep this schedule up I should easily burn most of the calories he wants me to get rid of.  I can always increase the time on the Total Gym and treadmill to get rid of more calories, although they claim 20 minutes a day should be enough.  It  should work well with my "Ounce A Day Diet."

Anyway, it just feels good to get an 'official' stamp on my current medical condition.

Next week I see my Primary Care doctor.  The blood work is already completed and should be within all the numbers.  I'll be surprised if it isn't.

At least I'll be going into my 72nd birthday in pretty good health.  As Martha would say, "That's a good thing."

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