Friday, October 19, 2012

Knee Surgery Update

It has now been 79 days since my knee replacement surgery.  I'm fine, still a little stiffness and restricted range of motion but not enough to worry about.  I figure it will take about six months to get back to normal, maybe longer.  It really doesn't matter how long at this point because I can pretty much do what I want to do.

We will be taking our first long-drive in a couple of weeks for the Plano Eggfest in Plano, Texas.  Two weeks ago I probably would have had a problem sitting for that long but I'm thinking it shouldn't be a problem by November 2nd when we leave.

Meanwhile, I have little moments where the knee will suddenly become painful.  It happens mostly when I first go to bed.  But that's why I take a couple of Tylenol and an Ambian to help me get to sleep.  Maybe in a few more weeks I'll be able to discontinue both drugs.  As Martha would say, "That would be a good thing."

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