Friday, July 30, 2010

Knee Surgery Update

Knee Surgery Update

It is now 7/24/10 and I'm still in recovery mode from my knee surgery on 7/9/10, and apparently, I will be for at least another six weeks up to a year. Yes it still hurts but getting to hurt less. There are periods when the pain level reaches 8, as it did on Friday during my last day of therapy. Actually, it wasn't the therapy itself that caused the spike in pain but cramps and inflammation, compounded by stiffness. The combination made me nauseous and light-headed. I needed to come right home so that I could at least try to rest. Saturday was better and I actually felt pretty good for a few hours.

I see Dr Fitzgerald, my knee surgeon, this Tuesday and I'm curious as to what he will do. I think I'm behind where I should be as for range of movement and ability to function around the house. I'm already wearing a knee brace designed to straighten my leg but I can't get enough bend in it to make a full revolution on a bicycle. Deep knee bends and squatting is out of the question. But the therapy folks tell me everyone is different and one day I will be back to normal. Meanwhile, drink plenty of clear liquids, eat lots of vegetables and do the exercises as directed, some of them as frequently as possible.

At least I'm now able to put my own shoes and socks on, a significant milestone for me, and doing Number Two in the restroom is no longer a 45-minute ordeal, prepped by suppositories, vocalized by grunts and groans and a final 'aaaaaaaa,' and then soothed by gentle baby wipes. Precious moments indeed.

In an effort to keep my mind off the constant pain I've decided to do a full recovery of my computer. It was doing things that it should not have been doing, most likely because of my recent installation of Windows 7. I'm slowly getting it put back together.

Another update will follow soon...

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