Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Texas Eggfest - 2009

The Texas Eggfest 2009 was held over the weekend and it was great. Could not have been much better. At last count there were 320 registered attendees.

The event was held on the decks at The Oasis, a beautiful restaurant high on a cliff overlooking Lake Travis in Austin, Texas.

Friday night a few of us met for an informal Meet and Greet, and watched the sun set in the western horizon. That was fun.

We arrived early Saturday morning and got set up to cook three items: Bourbon Meatballs, Fish Tacos and Bacon-Wrapped Watermelon Rinds. I also had volunteered to teach a class on how to cook one of our favorite breakfasts, EggMcChicken (almost like McDonald's EggMcMuffin) on the Griddle Q accessory for the Big Green Egg. That was fun.

The crowd started to grow and kept growing. And the weather was delightful. It was a good day indeed.

Check out some of the videos I made.

This one was so successful, the host dealer has already started on next year's event and promises that it will be even bigger and better.

Can't wait...

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