Friday, August 15, 2008

Another Surgery Update

I have been in recovery mode for 18 days now and I'm doing fine so far. Well except I'm bored to tears because I can't build, fix or destroy something. Heck, I can't even bend over. But the doctor said it takes six weeks for everything to heal. Even then I will not be able to climb mountains, only small hills. I'll take it.

Meanwhile, we are preparing for the party of all parties, at least as far as we've hosted. This one invites our Egghead friends to celebrate the completion of our outdoor kitchen, the Chicken Coop.

I say 'completion' but in reality it is still an on-going project that just keeps me busy (when I'm not feeling poorly) and out of trouble. Plus, each new idea we come up with is fun to do. We just added a new cabinet in the back that encompasses one of Judy's ideas, a built in ice chest drawer. This is so cool (pun intended). We built a drawer that holds a huge ice chest where we can store bags of ice for up to seven days. I added full-length drawer slides making it very easy to slide out even with a hundred pounds of ice inside.

Then above it I made a huge deep-drawer to hold large, bulky items. Then off to the side I added slide out drawers to house our growing collection of cast iron cookware.

To really enhance the look I made cedar louvered doors for some of it and a solid cedar panel for the other.

We happened on a piece of Corian countertop that will fit perfectly after I trim it. And the good part, it was free.

The Coop should look fantastic for the party if I can ever get back to working on it.

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